{one thing}

{one thing}


Let me tell you about my siblings. We're all very different from each other, physically and in personality.

I'd probably be the quietest one. I have a dry sense of humour. I pipe up with one liners every now and then. I'm like the mother hen. I organise everyone. Cook for everyone. And pretty much just make sure that everything is going as I we want it to. I'm the boss lady.

My younger brother is quiet too. But only really when you compare him to my two sisters, but more about them in a second. My brother is extremely funny, with his own quirky sense of humour. He's a very talented motorbike rider, winning medals for cross country riding {I've probably called it the wrong thing - but whatever it is, he's a dare devil}. He can also fix anything, and is the sort of person you call when you need someone to tell you that it will all be okay.

My Lil Sis and Big Sis, they're like foghorns. Different in personality, but both veeeeery loud. Lil Sis is into everything being clean and sanitary. I'm sure she keeps a pack of dettol and glen20 in her back pocket. She's smart, great with money, organised and always {always!} enthusiastic.

Big Sis is a go getter. She's a singer but also Vice President of an International company {you may have one of their credit cards in your purse}. She's teeny , and she's sassy. Men fall at her feet. They always have. She's the life of any party and has more friends than I could possibly count.

Last Friday night Ma, and my two sisters came around for a pasta dinner {it was pretty mediocre by the way}. It came bedtime for little Lacey so I headed down to bed to put her down. I could hear my two foghorn sisters laughing their heads off. Lacey isn't the easiest baby to put to sleep so I was anxious that their laughter would keep her awake. I also wondered what on earth they were laughing at. When I left they were watching The Biggest Loser and that's not usually funny.

Lacey nodded off without much trouble at all. I had nothing to worry about. I headed upstairs to find my two sisters in hysterics reading my blog. It warmed my heart and made my smile. And I'm still smiling now.

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